Institute for Research and Development on Advanced Radiation Technologies (radART)

The Institute conducts applied research to develop technology, create methods and produce results for the advancement of radiotherapy which enables effective and precise treatment of tumor patients. Optimized and safe healthcare solutions in the areas of medical physics, information technology, robotics, biology and radiation are being researched. Subsequently these will be implemented in patient care at the Salzburg county clinics where they will be evaluated and improved.

Prototypes and concepts are being developed and tested in collaboration with the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The integration of this new technology in the workflow of a clinical environment thus introduces innovations to industry and ensures that promising, new technological developments in Salzburg are widely supported by commercial partners.

The Institute does not seek to develop marketable innovations or commercial products with calculated economic benefits - this is reserved for industry and resulting spin-offs. The Institute’s priority is to be innovative in the clinical field and to ensure that prototypes, procedures and methods are developed to improve radio-therapeutic treatment of cancer patients. Thereby the Institute makes a decisive contribution to a more comprehensive use of efficient solutions in hospitals worldwide.

The Institute is committed to cross-linking radiation therapies and providing standardized high-quality treatment throughout the clinics. This is facilitated by developing information technology, which supports extramural consultation and highly specialized treatment. This technology will enable participation in multicenteric studies thereby raising quality standards in the radiotherapy.

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