2001 Heinz Deutschmann starts to develop a software system for imaging, documentation and archiving in radiotherapy at the Department of Radiotherapy and Radio-Oncology at the Salzburger Landeskliniken.
  The software is continous improved and developed by translational research.
  Part by part the software is clinically integrated after sufficient verification and validation.
  The software wakens interest of universities and research institutions, over time.
2007 The Institute for research and development on Advanced Radiation Technologies (radART) is founded as research institution of the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) Salzburg.
2008 The software is called "open radART".
2009 In order to guarantee and characterize the high standards of quality the software "open radART" is certified according to EN ISO 13485: 2003 + AC 2009.
2012 The radART-Institute und MedAustron, one of the most modern centres for Ion Beam Therapy and Research in Wiener Neustadt, sign a long-term research cooperation.
2012 The radART-Institute and medPhoton, a new founded company producing and developing medical devices, start a research cooperation.
  The research team is constantly growing by students and graduates in the sectors of information technology and physics, future-oriented research projects are resulting.