Robotic Positioning and Imaging

Deutschmann H., Neuner M., Steininger P., Pinzger M., Buck M., Sedlmayer F.

A new European patent application is presented, describing an innovative imaging solution for IGRT: a ceiling mounted robotic system that can be retro-fit installed in any bunker providing much faster dual energy planar as well as volumetric images.
The present invention provides an imaging system comprising an imaging ring system with carriage ring fixed to the carriage, first rotatable ring carrying a first imaging unit, and second rotatable ring carrying a second imaging unit, wherein the first and second rotatable rings are configured to be rotated independently from each other on the carriage ring. Preferably, the first imaging unit is a radiation source and the second imaging unit is a radiation detector. The carriage ring is mounted to a carriage which is guided along the longitudinal direction of a patient couch by guiding means. The invention further provides a patient positioning system for use in a medical intervention. The system comprises a robotic arm having six axes, wherein a patient couch is fixed to the robotic arm via a C-shaped bow. The legs of the C-shaped bow extend in a direction substantially parallel to the longitudinal extension of the patient couch, one end of the C-shaped bow being fixed to a longitudinal end of the patient couch and the other end of the bow being fixed to the robotic arm. The robotic arm is configured to position a patient arranged on the patient couch in six degrees of freedom with respect to a medical treatment or examination device. The robotic arm is ceiling mounted. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention the guiding means of the imaging system are fixed to the patient couch of the patient positioning system.