The ModuLeaf miniMLC is an addon multileaf collimator system sold by Siemens OCS. It is meant for highly conformal stereotactic treatments as it consists of 40 leaf pairs of 2.5mm width (in the isocentre) with a maximum open field of 10 by 12cm.
It can be mounted on a wide range of different linear accelerators with Elekta LinAcs being one of them. In our institution, two machines are equipped with the necessary cabling and interfaces for treatments with this device.
The MLC is completely integrated and modelled in open radART. Our software receives live position feedback from the collimator system and is able to control all aspects of field geometry as well as interaction with the accelerator system.


Key Personnel:

  • DI Dr. Böhler A., Institute for Research and Development on Advanced RadiationTechnologies (radART), Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria