MedAustron Delivery and Allocation Manager (MADAM)

The medical therapy accelerator of the Austrian hadron therapy center MedAustron (located in Wiener Neustadt) is one of the most advanced medical devices in the world. It consists of a large synchrotron accelerator, a sophisticated delivery system that uses high performance magnets as well as omnipresent safety systems to ensure a reliable and secure therapy of patients. MADAM is at the very center of its operation, being a crucial software component of the particle therapy accelerator, and is the single point of contact to external systems that wish to use the system. It allocates, synchronizes and steers the underlying components of the accelerator while ensuring that all systems are working as clinically intended. A detailed workflow has been specifically designed to cope with the unique system environment at MedAustron, where numerous manufacturers, such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), have been involved with various activities.

Detailed information about medAustron and Ion Beam Therapy can be found here.

Key personnel:

  • DI (FH) Kellner D., Institute for Research and Development on Advanced RadiationTechnologies (radART), Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria