Dual-Energy X-ray imaging for TargEting Radiotherapy

The joint FWF-ANR project “Dual-Energy X-ray imaging for TargEting Radiotherapy (DEXTER)” aims at investigating the capabilities of the ImagingRing, a new medical device developed for image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT). Within the project, radART and CREATIS laboratories (Lyon, France) gather the expertise in medical physics and medical image processing which is required to take advantage of the new scanner possibilities. The project focuses on innovative software solutions that exploit the clinical use of ImagingRing units for use in photon and hadron radiation therapy.

Detailed information about the ImagingRing and the cooperation between the radART-Institute and MedAustron can be found here.

Key personnel:

  • DI Dr. Steininger P., Institute for Research and Development on Advanced RadiationTechnologies (radART), Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria