RT.net is a communication platform for the intra- and extramural exchange of radiotherapy specific data. It can therefore be utilized for the data exchange between departments (intramural) as well as for the communication between different institutions (extramural) with radiotherapy specific data to participating institutions. RT.net provides functionalities for interconnective consultation mechanism of concerned physicists while patient data from other institutions are transferred to the involved physicist for consultation. Doing so the concerned physicist can change the data regarding the proposal of modification and provide the outsourcing institution with these data and the original set of data in RT.net. For the realization of the communication a client-server communication is based on an encrypted webserver-communication. RT.net is the prospective technical basement for the transference of patients from various radiotherapy centres to MedAustron.

Key Personnel:

  • DI Memelink M., Institute for Research and Development on Advanced RadiationTechnologies (radART)